COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

We look forward to seeing you soon! Our classes held on campus are subject to a range of policies and precautions when it comes to keeping everyone safe. We want your experience to be safe, comfortable, and fun! Please keep the following in mind when on campus:

  1. Don’t come to class if you’re sick or showing any symptoms of any kind.
  2. Social distancing will be observed; Students must remain in the indicated areas during class.
  3. Students will avoid touching other students or the Teacher.
  4. To minimize risk of contact, Students will remain in the indicated areas during class.
  5. Masks will be worn by Students and Teachers while on campus.
  6. Students will be picked up after class at the Studio door or in the Main Building lobby.
  7. Hand Sanitizer stations will be used upon entering each Studio.
  8. When appropriate, class may be held outside (does not apply to piano classes).
  9. We have increased cleaning protocols:
    1. All surfaces in both studios are wiped down prior to the first and after the last class each day, and the building is cleaned overnight.
    2. All instruments are wiped down between each class
    3. All door handles are wiped down between each class
    4. Restrooms are cleaned throughout the day and overnight.
    5. The Lobby is cleaned overnight, and Main Building surfaces are wiped down throughout the day
  10. Studio doors and windows will be open, weather permitting.